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13th March 2024

Sadly it's slow progress at 4 Walpole Road, but it doesn't stop us growing, today we had our 115th member signed up .

22nd January 2024

Fantastic news! I've been told the builders are at work renovating 4 Walpole Road!

5th January 2024

Our 97th member signed up today. Soon we'll be celebrating 100!

1st December 2023

Our 85th member signed up today. Hopefully, soon we'll be celebrating 100!

6th September 2023
The venue for our permanent shop, 
being provided very generously by Freebridge Community Housing, should be ready in November. Freebridge remain totally committed to the project. These are their words today:

"The Food Hub is an important community facility, and we are thrilled to be working with our partners on this. We want to futureproof the project in the Walpole Road location, ensuring the building is safe and fit for purpose now, and into the longer term and in order to do that we need to complete some additional works, we remain committed to the project."

In the meantime, North Lynn Food Hub pop-up remains open every Wednesday and Friday 12-2pm at Beacon Church.

15th August 2023

North Lynn Food Hub pop-up will be open again from Wednesday 16th August! The Beacon Church now have the required permission, so we're good to go, each Wednesday and Friday 12-2pm.

7th August 2023

We had two good sessions with the pop-up last week at The Beacon church, Losinga Road. Unfortunately, due to some building maintenance set-up issues that need to be finalised at The Beacon, the Food Hub won’t be open this week. We will be reopening soon and will keep you posted on any updates. Thanks!


9th June 2023

If there are no issues raised with the change of use planning application, it should be completed by the 7th July. The building work can then begin and should be completed in 4 – 6 weeks. All being well we could have keys to the building at the end of August.

In the meantime we are planning to open the pop-up twice a week from the Beacon Church in Losinga road (instead of at the Discovery Centre). It should be ready to open at the end of July.


12th May 2023

I’m sorry to say there are more delays. The landlord has discovered that planning permission is needed for ‘change of use’. This will probably mean a delay of two months.

What we are now exploring, as a temporary measure, is to run the Food Hub as a pop-up from the Discovery Centre. I’m going there on Monday to look at storage options etc.

It is still going to be a great project and a real help to people at this difficult time. I remain excited, although very frustrated by the delays.

I will let you know of any developments, as soon as I can.


22nd April

Andrew is meeting weekly with Simon Swanson (Freebridge Community Housing) and Graeme Tolley (Norfolk Community Foundation) to share information about how the project is progressing. At the last meeting Simon was pleased to assure us that the builders would be in soon. In the meantime he has found us some fridges and furniture, which will help reduce our set-up costs.


13th April

News from Simon - Freebridge have commissioned contractors to renovate the property and they should be starting ‘soon’.

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